Plastic  has infected every corner of the planet

Don't just Recycle.

Plastic Symptoms, Inc. strives to inspire and promote an eco-conscious lifestyle while sharing data from the field to build solutions and alternatives to our dependence on plastic.

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PlasTrek 2019 a historical Trek documenting Plastic Symptoms along the Florida coastline. Covering over 1,200 miles.

We made it, thanks to you!

Don't just take care of the symptoms. Treat the underlying disease.

Plastic is made to be robust, strong, and cheap. Plastics are so strong as a matter of fact they will out live your great great great grandchildren's great grand children. 
While they 'linger' with the family, let something else sink in, toxic chemicals. Hormone reactive, carcinogenic, and leaching chemical compounds will be pulverized into drinking water. Yes, even if you don't drink out of plastic it's in OUR water. Recycling puts more into our water, not less.


Every plastic you have ever touched is theoretically still seeping toxic nano-plastics into the environment.

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