Bryan Galvin


Florida born and raised. The beach is an important part of my life. Plastic symptoms seem to be everywhere today.

Worked as a grocer for nearly 9 years before leaving all the while continuing a water sports career.

When your place of tranquility is spitting the plastic lifestyle you catered to at your 9-5.

Its time to inspire other minds and athletes to cure the disease by addressing the symptoms.

So I decided to do a swab of the Eastern Florida shoreline.

Cruise Bogle

Adviser / Founder / Mission Control

The most motivating and inspiring person. This man is mission control. If there was anything i needed he was a phone call away. He really helped pull the project together. Don't know where PlasticSymptoms and this hike would be without this guy! Find out more about this amazing life and his journey @

Nathaniel Smith (Left) 

(Right)Tyler Giddens


A couple of talented artists and motivators. Both are a mixed bag of talent and have played shows and recorded music. Two brains, one heart, one soul. 


Hike 420 2017

Truck Driver/Nutritionist/Nurturer


Heather Bolint

Trekker/Environmentalist/ Extraordinaire

I've lived along the ocean for nearly my entire life, from the rocky coast of Maine, to the beaches of Florida, to the cliffs of the Pacific Northwest. Every coastline that I explore, I always find evidence of human beings, especially in the form of plastic artifacts that are persistent in our environment. While obtaining degrees in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College (St. Pete, FL) and Antioch University (Keene, NH), I spent time collecting tons of coastline trash through internships with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and with the Rozalia Project. I'm now excited to be joining the Plastic Symptoms crew to work toward finding a solution to end our society's addiction to single-use plastics, and to create a healthier ocean for all beings. 


"Truck Driver Geli" Albanese