Plastic Symptoms Inc is filed under the great state of Florida as a Nonprofit Corporation. Donations are 501(c)3 tax deductible.
We are a community for the community.  

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Together we will grow our community outreach and meet our ambitious goals to reverse Plastic Symptoms!

Thank you!

What are our ambitious goals? 

We Formed upon completion of a 2017 Hike down the Eastern Coastline of Florida dubbed "Hike 420" to promote awareness of Plastic pollution. During our hike we collected 1 full ton of Oceanic Plastic Discharge (O.P.D.). We met several people along the way and we encouraged people to refuse plastic in their daily life.

Our goal is to collect data for legislative response and educational material for people to share freely. We want to attract all community efforts to discuss and share their grassroots action around the world. Plastics are a war on all life.