The PlasTrek 2019

One crazy 1,200 mile epic trek down, around, and up the Florida peninsula for plastic awareness!

With your help, WE MADE IT!

PlasTrek 2019


Witness with Bryan and Heather as we trek, livestream, and vlog the entire Florida peninsula to expose a symptom that threatens our fragile ecosystems. We will collect plastic from the plagued beaches to provide temporary relief while discussing simple choices that will cure a severely infected organism we all need: Earth.

Plastic is everywhere and if we don't do our part now to start cleaning it up, refusing single-use, and educating the world of its dangerous side effects, we will reach a point of no return. After a successful 400 mile hike along the east coast of Florida in 2017, PlasticSymptoms has decided to do it again, but this time it is bigger and better! This year our crew will embark on a three month, 1,200 mile PlasTrek covering the entire coastline of Florida. Yes, the entire coastline! During the Trek our team will be picking up all materials not made by nature, or O.P.D. (Oceanic Plastic Discharges), and flotsam/jetsam in burlap sacks. 

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