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Updated: Jul 5

In 2019, Plastic Symptoms, Inc. declares the SEAchange token to represent Single-use Eradication Accounting. (White paper found here). For our first token minting project our team trekked the full coastline of Florida and minted 14,000,000 SEA tokens into the ethereum Network. This represents each foot Heather and Bryan surpassed along the worlds longest coastal clean-up. We, of course, could not have accomplished such a feat. without the help from our community of Plastic/Litter-Free warriors, the Florida community, and the hard work that the Plastic Symptoms crew put into every mile. SEA is an open use valuation of a cleaner and better kept environment. This token is to be used by like minded organizations to eradicate plastic pollution, especially single-use. Currently, our application is under construction. We are currently developing an NFT project to go with our signature token we minted along the PlasTrek. We are looking for developers and eco-warriors to join the SEAchange movement. If you would like access to our collaboration please email us with subject line "Interested in Projects" to REFUSE@PLASTICSYMPTOMS.ORG Include your name, age, and a short description of your skills.

Learn more about the #PlasTrek 2019 here. Link to SEApunks.NFT here.

If you are a merchant and would like to partner with us or donate to our cause please email us with subject line "Better Together" and include the place/type of business, location, and what you already do to prevent plastic pollution.

We look forward to hearing from you.

-Bryan Galvin


Plastic Symptoms, Inc

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