How Can We Refuse Plastic?

Before the industrial plastic boom in 1989. Plastic wasn't used to package almost literally everything. Juices, bread, sugar treats, money, drinks and so on were packaged in more sustainable solutions like paper, glass, and metals. While they weren't perfect, neither is plastic. In fact the effects of a plastic life are just beginning to come to surface. The ocean is a literal example.

While Plastic Symptoms strongly encourages REFUSAL of plastic over RECYCLING, we want you to understand that recycling plastic is far worse for the environment immediately and is the fastest way toward pollution, along with producing it in the first place. There are a plethora of ways to use less plastics. Simply cleaning our shorelines and doing our part is significant in itself but will mean absolutely zilch (ZERO) if we do not actively resist the production of the pollution in the first place. The plastic is already in existence and has now left a damaging footprint on the Earth, whether it is recycled or buried by land-fill. In the meantime, recycling efforts are all we can do while we actively refuse plastic symptoms in the first place. This goes much further than simply refusing a plastic straw while holding a plastic cup filled with an ice coffee. It isn't only about the ocean, or an "ocean thing". It's a life right thing! Its a global Issue. We strongly encourage everyone to continue recycling while we discover the best alternatives together. Each and every plastic commodity today will be redefined tomorrow.


Recycling Plastic = Immediate pollution and long term negative footprints.

Fresh Plastic Production= Immediate pollution and long term negative footprints. x2

We strongly advocate to stop all single-use plastic production. Medical, technological, and re-usable plastics are a bit more understandable than the current "throw away" mentality.

For now we can all choose alternatives.

Like bringing our own refillable "to-go" cups and containers.

Buy more fresh food, like produce instead of processed and packaged food.

Buy in bulk. 

Remember that every dollar spent is a vote cast into what kind of world you want to live in.