an NFT collection
with purpose

Our first collection is a 2,200 piece mint.

Only 1100 whitelist spots

100 will be reserved for giveaways. 

The 1000 will be held in contract and minted for a (TBA) amount of ETH.

Get on the Whitelist by donating or signing up here, between April 2nd and June 1st.



Final Launch. Upon Final Launch if there is any SEApunks that have not been minted they will only become mintable when interacted with through the contract by donating to the Plastic Symptoms, Inc Ethereum wallet (TBA).50% of all re-sales to benefit Plastic Symptoms, Inc(written to smart contract but enforced only by the honor system and community.)

SEApunks are a badge of honor. There is no guarentee that any of this pictured will be minted to the chain.

These are examples of what our project looks like only.

Please see our TERMS AND DISCLAIMER for more information on our blockchain projects.

All funding receieved by this (EXCEPT GAS PAID TO THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN) will be donated to Plastic Symptoms, Inc, a Florida 501(c)3, as an in-kind donation. 

To help facilitate and manage environmental beautification projects as the Board of Directors of Plastic Symptoms, Inc sees fit.

To fullfill our mission strives to inspire and promote an eco-conscious lifestyle while sharing data from the field to build solutions and alternatives to our dependence on plastic. 

Including but not lomited to:

Beach Cleanups,Ocean cleanups,podcasts, PlasTrekdatamapping,and upcoming projects