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Art for Plastic Symptoms Awareness

​2 Unique Designs

From the Coast of Florida, to the Capitol steps, and now a sculpture to share our story with the world.

Every piece of plastic used in these sculptures was removed from the Florida shorelines during our historic #PlasTrek 2019

For more information please email our creative director 

We are offering both donation based sales of our sculptures and rental for donations

All proceeds to benefit Plastic Symptoms, Inc a Florida 501(c)3 nonprofit

Each art piece is unique and has hidden signatures and gems within the sculpture. Each sculpture rental will be backed with a unique NFT representing the transaction and contribution.

Art "unveiling" during our PlasTrek Tour 2023


Plastic pollution is not beautiful. Our sculpture are made with love to tell our unique story. The #PlasTrek 2019 was a mission to spread awareness of the symptoms of plastic plaguing our planet. We started locally in our home state with hopes that our message was heard around the world. Our incredible journey around the state was not an easy task, but necessary. We have heard our story reflected and rippled across the globe by newspapers, meedia outlets, and the internet. Now, we are offering a chance to continue our message and tell our story with a unique scuulpture to capture the attention and hearts of our fellow community members.

Our Timeline




We successfully completed our #PlasTrek 2019 (Great Florida Plastic Trek) around the unforgiving statte of Florida. Recovering 2 tons of garbage from the coastline and brought over 3,000 lbs of ocean plastics to the Historic Florida state Capitol steps for the world to see.

We have contructed 2 of 2 original prototypes of our Florida sculptures. These are to be sold for a donation to help us complete our larger TBA sculpture

We will unveil our Art sculpture during PlasTrek Tour 2023
This sculpture will be rented out for donations. Each Rental will include a bundle of tools and goodies to help spread awareness of plastic pollutionj annd share the PlasTrek story. Including a souvenir NFT representing the agreement and donation to our cause through this unique program.

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